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Writing in a journal as a daily practice is one of my constant and essential tools to truth telling in the story of my life. My writing documents the private highs and lows and dives me deeper into the river of who I am, who I can be and what I want to do for other people.

Journal writing is an up-close and personal guide to our inner voice and gut feelings. That voice guides us more clearly to the passions and values which make our lives rich and meaningful. We learn to navigate the ebb and flow of our lives like a boat in smoother and calmer waters.

By writing about how we feel, we capitalize on inner knowledge that no one else can give us. What a powerful motivation! We learn that we cannot direct the wind, so we can adjust our sails.

One-on-one private sessions by the hour. Experience personal reflective writing and create an inner dialogue to move through your current challenges and opportunities as well as other designated issues of consideration. Learn the value of your own story.

Join our small, supportive and spontaneous groups to write reflectively about topics specifically to gain an understanding of women’s core issues. Use the prompts, poetry and discussion as your springboard to greater personal insights and growth. Write your way through important life events, obstacles and changes. Feel the strength of writing in a circle with other strong women.

Susan Embry has written in journals for over six decades and is a Certified Applied Poetry Facilitator. She is a member of the International Federation for Biblio/Poetry Therapy and the National Association of Poetry Therapy. She is a trained Journal Facilitator taught by the journal pioneer and mentor Kathleen Adams at the Center for Journal Therapy. More information at journaltherapy.com.

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ART JOURNALING for the times that words are not enough!

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